EasyView-TIF is a high performance and very robust TIF viewer, build on the well known EasyCopy solution. EasyView-TIF will work with even your largest Tiff files with high speed, zoom capability and you will see the best quality whether you are viewing your thumbnail preview images or your images 1:1.


EasyView-CGM is a very robust and compatiple CGM viewer, build on the well known EasyCopy CGM solution. EasyView-CGM supports Seismic CGM, CGM+, Cleartext CGM and is used in many large, medium and small size Oil exploration companies all over the world and has been voted as the best CATIA compliant CGM solution on the market.


EasyView-CGM-PDF-TIF covers the need for viewing 3 of the most used formats in the industry. This solution includes the 2 above mentioned viewers and adds support for PDF also on the output site for publishing. This solution has a very strong combination of supported formats and will meet the needs for being able to view and convert in between these formats outside the main EasyCopy user base.

….EasyView PDF Brochure

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