EasyCGM is the add on module to EasyCopy you need to view, analyse, convert, print and plot CGM, CGM+, CGM-PIP, CGM-ATA, EMF, and SVG.

The CGM format is used within the energy, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

Logs, maps, seismic sections and drawings are often saved from core applications as vector files like CGM and EMF. Common presentation tools like Power Point does not always handle these files correctly and you need a robust and easy tool to help you sharing and exchanging your data.

EasyCGM’s interpretation profiles optimizes CGM, CGM+, CGM-PIP, CGM-ATA, and EMF files for viewing and for plotting – fast and accurately.

With EasyCopy and EasyCGM you can easily create, enhance, present and share your technical illustrations and graphics.

EasyCGM is part of your EasyCopy download and installation and is enabled with evaluation licenses.  It is part of the Graphics Suite but is an option for other EasyCopy versions.